Leaders in Technology, Research, and Adoption

As the industry continues to be shaped by increasing regulation and the demand for a greater level of consumer protection, the only way to maintain high standards of quality and security is through the deployment of cutting edge technology.  Camping Companies places technology development and deployment as a high priority in our effort to decrease the lender’s risk and increase consumer protection.

Technology has made security and privacy even more of an issue as critical data can now walk out the door on a removable disk or float away with a printed repossession order.
Camping Companies wants our Lender Partners to know what we are doing to protect the security of their important and sensitive data and the privacy of their customers.  We encourage our Lender Partners to take an active approach in regards to establishing proper data security requirements, and we work with our Lender Partners on these requirements.

We are constantly looking for new technology and new methods to improve our service and recover your collateral faster.
Camping Companies agents were some of the first to use mobile laptops and tablets in the field, and we continue to equip our agents with the best technology available. Our agents utilize ruggedized laptops with ClearPlan routing software, smart phones, tablets, and GPS hardware to make them some of the most efficient in the industry.  

We are proud to announce that all Camping Companies tow trucks and spotter vehicles have been equipped with new state of the art camera systems.
Our mobile surveillance DVR’s can store recovery video for up to 30 days, so you can feel safe knowing that your repossession is recorded if you need it! 


  • Clearplan | Workflow Management and Logistics for Repossessors
  • License Plate Recognition Technology
  • Recovery Database Network (RDN)
  • State of the Art Skiptracing Software
  • You guys do great work. This is what I need from my pros in the field! I'm impressed.

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    First National Bank of Utah
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  • Thanks for your help in getting my account recovered! I had this with another agent for 20 days!

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